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Definition of a Zip Line Tour

Zip line tours, also known as canopy tours, have increased dramatically in popularity in recent years due to the thrill of the ride and the increasing range of skill levels that can be accommodated. Zip Isle Zip Line Adventures provides ground-to-ground landing and gravity breaking to allow you the best experience for the broadest range of riders.

Zip lines became popular in Costa Rica during the mid to late 1990's. They were based on ropes challenge courses in the United States which have existed since the mid 1960's. After the popular movie Medicine Man starring Sean Connery hit movie theaters in 1992, the concept of exploring the canopy of the tree tops utilizing climbing ropes, harnesses, and pulleys sparked the interest of adventure travelers around the world.

Zip lines have been operating in the United States since 1999 and have been featured as challenges on several reality television shows over the past few years.

Zip Isle has partnered with experienced certified partners to create a safe and secure course. Zip Isle's course was engineered by a Hawaii licensed and certified Professional Engineer and Structural Engineer to provide for maximum excitement and safety.

At Zip Isle, you are led through the course by trained, certified and informed local guides. The guides have fun and interesting musings about the rainforest which surrounds you as you zip. Your tour through and under the canopy of the rainforest trees is accomplished without harming the beauty of the natural environment or building tall, unsightly towers. Trees near the zip line have been pruned of dead limbs and are in better care now than before the tour was installed.

Zip Isle is designed for passive gravity braking for safety. We also have guide for backup block braking to assure our guests are safe at landing. Our course doesn't use hand braking that can cause injury. Hand braking has caused injuries so we have intentionally designed the course to exclude this method of braking.

Zip Isle's goal is for all of our guests, regardless of their previous experience, to enjoy zipping through the rainforest without worrying about their safety. All guests are taught steering so they may can control their direction and prevent spinning, but our guides will slow your descent and stop you at the end of each zip as you land back on the ground. This allows all guests to interact more with the environment and other guests.

Zip Isle Zip Line Canopy Tour at
Botanical World Adventures
Mile Marker 16 on Highway 19
31-240 Old Mamalahoa Highway
Hakalau, Hawaii 96710 

Reservations for Adventures
Local:  808-963-5427
Toll Free:  888-Zip- Isle (947-4753)

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